Dog Leash Gets Stuck In Elevator, Tamara Seibert Recalls Trying To Save Her Dying Pet [Video]

When a dog leash became stuck in an elevator, 25-year-old Ryerson University student Tamara Seibert remembers how her 5-year-old Rottweiler named Vado was yanked into the air and he began choking to death as the elevator descended.

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When Tamara realized the dog leash was stuck in the elevator door she reacted by pressing emergency buttons and attempting to bring her 110 pound Rottweiler down from the ceiling. While working to release the dog collar she broke two fingers and injured her hand and she thought this was the end:

“I thought I was going to watch him die. He was picked clean off the ground. I just panicked and was going to do whatever I could to get him down. We just kept going down until his nylon leash ended up snapping.”

Fortunately, Vado seemed to be okay even after being choked during the harrowing ordeal. Even so, Tamara requested a copy of the video so she could use it to remind pet owners of the dangers of elevators. Besides having a dog leas stuck in a elevator, she says she’s heard of many horror stories from other people, including people having long dresses or a child’s scarf becoming stuck. She says she’s even heard of 7-year-old child in California dying when her dress became snagged.

Just recently she also posted this reminder to her personal Facebook along with this note:

“I can’t believe its been almost a month since I went through one of the most traumatic experiences of my life. I thought I was about to lose the love of my life (my puppy) and seriously mangled my hand in the process. I am posting this because thank god my dog survived but I want to warn people how fast something so simple can go horribly wrong. I never want anyone else to ever go through this. You can’t see my face but I’ve never been so hysterical in my life.”

Apparently, Tamara also received criticism for allowing the dog leash to become stuck in the elevator door:

“For all of those of you who think this was reckless on my part I’m not saying I didn’t make a mistake, I did! One in which I seriously regret. But just to put things in perspective I’ve lived in my building for almost 5 years so my dog and I have taken the elevators approx. 4,000 times it’s so routine, you don’t think that anything could possibly ever go so wrong.”

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