Rhonda Adkins Divorcing Trace After 16 Years Of Marriage

Rhonda Adkins, who has been married to the country music artist Trace Adkins for more than 16 years, has now filed for divorce.

People had assumed that Trace was being quiet on Twitter due to his widely reported battle with alcohol. But once it was revealed that the celebrity couple are due to divorce, people understood that marital issues may have been the cause for Trace’s Twitter silence recently.

According to a report in US Weekly, Rhona Adkins filed the divorce paperwork, ending their marriage, on Tuesday, citing “irreconcilable differences” as the reason for the split.

On top of that. Rhonda is apparently requesting full custody of the couple’s three daughters, as well as ordering Trace to cover child support, alimony, and all of her legal fees relating to the divorce.

Apart from the news of his divorce, Trace Adkins, by most accounts, hasn’t had the best year ever. In January, he checked himself into a rehab facility after getting into an argument on a cruise ship which ended in a fight, fueled by too much drink.

And then in February, having completed most of his treatment at the facility, Trace returned home to be with his daughters before returning again to complete his rehab. Trace received a good number of condolence Tweets following the news of his divorce from Rhonda Adkins.

Although it was Rhonda who took to Twitter to thank Trace’s fans for their support: “Thank you for all of your love, prayers and support. Sometimes we don’t know where our journey will take us but I know he has a plan,” she posted.

Everyone, even Rhonda, hopes that Trace Adkins‘ luck this year improves, and that he will be successful in his struggle with alcoholism. Although, bearing in mind the fight he has ahead of him in court with his soon-to-be-ex-wife, he will need all the luck he can get.