True Detective Makes a Bold Move For Emmys

HBO’s True Detective was a massive eight-episode series that dominated cable television this January and February. By its very nature, the show is meant to be a short, self-contained series, with a new story, locations, and actors each season. In every definition of the word – a miniseries. But HBO made a bold choice this week when it decided to nominate True Detective in the “Best Drama” category for consideration in this year’s Emmy’s. Cause really, who wants a “Best Miniseries” Emmy? HBO hasn’t had a win in the drama category in six years – since the massive hit The Sopranos won for its last season in 2008.

This now puts True Detective up against heavy hitters like House of Cards, Mad Men, and Breaking Bad’s final season. The Wire puts their money on House of Cards taking home the award, saying that “Netflix’s crown jewel of original programming took a major step up in terms of critical notices and buzz this year” and that Breaking Bad “aired so long ago that its impact might have faded in Emmy voters’ minds.” It’s true, that House of Cards is a lot fresher in everyone’s minds, as is easily available for rewatching over and over again, but HBO plans to release all eight episodes of True Detective on DVD come July.

HBO’s other shows up for consideration include The Newsroom, Boardwalk Empire, and Game of Thrones, which are consistently nominated but fail to win. On the opposite side of the spectrum, FX’s American Horror Story purposely entered itself into the miniseries category, instead of drama, to increase the likelihood of winning. Which is a smart move – there’s no way the series would’ve stood a chance against the giants nominated this year. McConaughey is also expected to win for best actor, which many fans feel should go to Bryan Cranston for his epic finish as Heisenberg. Variety speculates that it was even Matthew’s performance in True Detective that helped him secure the Oscar win for his role in “Dallas Buyers Club.” True Detective is also expected to perform well in the directing, writing, and cinematography categories.

The best cinematography I've ever seen. #TrueDetective

— Stephen Davies (@stedavies96) March 27, 2014

What do you think of True Detective’s chances at this year’s Emmys in the drama category? Do you think it can take down House of Cards and Breaking Bad?

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