Did Charlie Sheen Stop Paying Child Support Because Of Brett Rossi?

Charlie Sheen is allegedly still refusing to pay child support to his ex-wife.

The former Two and a Half Men star recently made headlines after he boldly decided to stop paying the Drop Dead Gorgeous star approximately $55,000 in support. The Inquisitr previously reported that Sheen was unhappy that Denise was preventing him from seeing his kids on a regular basis.

However, recent reports suggest that something else is causing Charlie Sheen to flake out on the payments. According to Showbiz Spy, the actor’s porn star fiancé Brett Rossi is the one responsible for cutting off the guy’s ex-wife.

Rumors making the rounds online suggest that she wanted Sheen to get his expenses under control. Instead of cutting back on frivolous or extravagant purchases, Rossi told Charlie to stop making child support payments. In fact, Radar Online claims the actor hasn’t forked over any money in two months.

However, a representative for Charlie Sheen told the gossip website that its information was incorrect. In fact, the Anger Management star has paid money to Denise Richards. However, the rep stopped short of revealing if Sheen coughed up the full amount.

Since no one is speaking about the situation in any official capacity, this leaves plenty of room for insiders and sources to provide all sorts of juicy details. In fact, one just happened to make contact with Radar Online regarding all of this Brett Rossi nonsense.

“Brett has taken control of Charlie’s finances and she thinks he wastes huge amounts of money. She successfully persuaded Charlie to withhold Denise’s child support… Charlie felt he was justified because Denise hasn’t allowed him to see their daughters, Sam and Lola,” the anonymous source explained.

This nameless individual continued, “She’s been cracking down on the way Charlie frivolously spends his money and she’s also keen to get him healthy. Charlie’s not someone to usually be bossed around, but he’s so head over heels for Brett and respects her and knows that she just has his best interests at heart.”

Kpopstarz reports that Charlie Sheen wants a private mediation to discuss cutting down on the amount of money he pays Denise Richards every month. The actor is also keen on kicking the actress out of the home he purchased for her and the children.

“This could be a can of worms Charlie might wish he never opened. There’s a chance the judge could actually increase the child support to Denise because of his lucrative ‘Anger Management’ deal with FX,” a completely different source told The Mirror.

What do you think about Charlie Sheen allegedly skipping out on his child support payments because of Brett Rossi?

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