Robin Roberts Will Be A Guest Judge On “Dancing With The Stars”

Robin Roberts, a “Good Morning America” anchor, will be guest judge on the hit ABC show “Dancing With The Stars,” according to ABC News. Roberts will join the regular judges, Len Goodman, Bruno Tonioli and Carrie Ann Iraba on the show in just five days (March 31st).

There will be many other guest judges on “Dancing With The Stars,” besides Roberts, this season. Professional dancer Julianne Hough and singer Ricki Martin can be included on that list.

The two shows, “Good Morning America” and “Dancing With The Stars” already have a close relationship. Roberts’ appearance on “Dancing With The Stars” should strengthen that relationship even more. Usually, whenever contenders from “Dancing With The Stars” appear for interviews on “Good Morning America,” “Good Morning America” gets an increase in ratings, says The Washington Post. This is helpful in the show’s rivalry with the “Today” show. Therefore, one can assume that the two shows will have the same success with Roberts participating with “Dancing With The Stars.”

Roberts spoke to GMA about the upcoming experience, stating that she is nervous, but at the same time wants to step outside her comfort zone. Roberts has also asked viewers to Tweet her their judging advice on Twitter (@RobinRoberts).

On “Dancing With The Stars,” celebrities will be asked to complete a dance which shows the “most memorable year of their lives.” There are sure to be a lot of emotional back-stories to go along with those performances, so tissues may be needed.

There will be another twist in the upcoming episode. Viewers of the show will be able to vote to change the pairings of the celebrities, along with the pro pairs. This is a first for “Dancing With The Stars.” In order to vote, viewers need to have a Twitter account. Once done acquiring an account, Tweet using #DWTS plus the first name of the celebrity and the first name of the professional dancer in order to complete a vote.

Roberts might not be dancing on “Dancing With The Stars” come March 31st, but when she celebrated her fiftieth birthday on GMA in 2010, Roberts danced the cha-cha with professional dancer Maksim Chmerkovsky. So, even if Roberts is not dancing this time around, she has proven that she still has the moves.