Curt Schilling Home For Sale Gets Price Cut, Still Battling Cancer

Curt Schilling's home in Medfield, Massachusetts is for sale and the price on the house was cut by $500,000. News of Curt Schilling's battle with cancer began to surface in February, bringing into question his future in the ESPN broadcast booth. Following financial troubles after a failed experiment in opening a video game studio, Curt Schilling and his wife Shonda have been looking to put their struggles behind them.

Curt Schilling's home was originally listed at $3 million with Redfin realty. The price cut comes after the 26 acre home had been on the market for months. Now the listing states that Curt Schilling is willing to accept offers between $2.5 million and $2.7 million. Last October, the Schilling family hosted an estate sale at the home, looking to make some money before selling the home.

The family tries to keep much of their business private, but after news of Curt's cancer broke, they wanted to let concerned fans know that Curt is doing ok. He has been receiving treatment and needed at least two surgeries. Although the family has not revealed what kind of cancer Curt Schilling has, it has been serious enough to put his future in the announcing booth in question.

Curt Schilling and his family have owned the Medfield home since 2004, when they bought it from former New England Patriots quarterback Drew Bledsoe. The Schillings paid $4.5 million for the home at the time, when Curt was traded to the Boston Red Sox. That was also the same year he won 20 games, pitched the bloody sock game, and erased the curse of the great Bambino.

The home features a pool, various sports amenities, fireplaces, and a cherry wood library. Back in October, Curt's wife Shonda insisted that they wanted to sell the home so they could downsize to a smaller place. Over six months later, the family is still hoping to find a buyer for the house.

While the family did not release an official statement on the status of his cancer, the price cut on Curt Schilling's home reveals that the family is hoping to find a buyer soon.

[Image via Landmark NE]