Lana Del Rey Is Planning a Comeback Bigger Than Ever

Lana Del Rey is planning quite a busy Spring. The "Born to Die" singer had a quiet first few months of 2014, slowly crawling back into the music scene with her cover of "Once Upon A Dream" for Disney's Malificent. Seems Lana's haunting cover was enough to garner some media buzz; on the heels of her song's release, Lana told us she was coming back into our lives (and our hearts) with a huge tour and a gusty new CD.

Lana will kick off her tour April 11th in Las Vegas followed by a two-day stint at Coachella. After the festival, Del Rey will make 17 more stops around the country, including two days in Canada. The tour will conclude May 27th in Seattle, Washington. Lana's tour is looking to be so popular, that venue locations are already switching to accommodate a larger crowd. Her New Orleans show has already been moved to an outdoor amphitheater due to what Live Nation calls an "overwhelming demand for tickets." The new outdoor venue can hold 7,500, a huge upgrade from the previous 3,000 seat venue. Other locations on the tour are likely to follow suit and switch venues, as Lana's tour sold out the first day tickets were available.

Amidst the tour, Lana plans to release her much-anticipated new album, "Ultraviolence." The unofficial release date has been rumored as May 1st. Although it's still a tentative date, it's safe to say we'll see a new Lana album sometime this spring. "Ultraviolence" comes two years after the release of the mega-popular "Born to Die." (That record debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard 200.) Lana says this new album is "so dark, it's almost unlistenable and wrong." She adds:

"It's more stripped down but still cinematic and dark. I've been working on it really slowly but I love everything I've done. I've been writing in Santa Monica and I know what the record sounds like. Now I just have to finish it."

Despite its darkness, Lana says that fans will love the record, and that it's "exquisite." Late last year, six potential demos were leaked online when Lana's hard drive was stolen. They've since been taken offline, but titles of the new songs included 'In The Sun', 'Put Your Lips Together', 'Party Girl', 'All Smiles', 'Coca Colla' and 'Betty Boop Boop.' There's no word whether these same names will be the official titles that make the album.

Lana's nationwide tour and edgy new CD are sure to push her even farther into super-stardom. Are you excited to see what Lana does next? Do you think "Ultraviolence" will live up to the hype and surpass "Born To Die?"

Image via Official Website