Jon Stewart Slams CNN’s MH370 Coverage [Video]

Jon Stewart slammed CNN’s coverage of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 on Monday’s episode of The Daily Show. Although Stewart was absent from the program for a week, he returned with a lot to say. Stewart was specifically annoyed, as CNN explored every possible theory ad nauseam — including numerous scenarios that were blatantly implausible.

The disappearance of MH370 has gripped the world for nearly three weeks. Although updates about the search remain in high demand, some news agencies were criticized for providing far too much information. As the location and fate of the plane remains unknown, some agencies relied heavily on rumors and speculation.

As CNN is one of the world’s most popular networks, they received stark criticism for their nearly continuous coverage of the tragedy. During his tirade, Stewart emphasized the network’s mention of supernatural forces, black holes, and psychic detectives:

“… we’ve got 23 hours and 59 minutes left to fill… let’s go nuts… Why don’t we just strap some wings to Wolf Blitzer and let him loose… the only thing less likely than an airplane falling out of the sky is CNN’s ratings doubling.”

As reported by Mediaite, Jon Stewart did not limit his rant to CNN, he also criticized Fox News for their coverage of the missing flight. Although the rant is meant to be funny, it is grounded in truth.

However, with a lack of solid information, everyone has a different theory about the flight’s fate. It is expected that some of the theories will be unconventional.

On March 24, Malaysian prime minister Najib Razak announced that MH370 ended in the Indian Ocean. It was also announced that there were no survivors. A total of 239 passengers and crew were on the flight, which has been missing since March 8.

Despite the prime minister’s announcement, the conspiracy theories are likely to continue. At this time, officials have not recovered or positively identified any debris from the missing plane. The theories are being fueled by passengers’ families, who refuse to believe their loved ones are dead.

Until the plane is found, the missing flight is certain to remain a topic of intense interest and continued news coverage. Critics, which include Jon Stewart, have not asked for the coverage to cease. However, the public may be better served if the networks focus on the facts.

Jon Stewart’s rant has gained worldwide attention, as it is entertaining. CNN and Fox have not responded to Stewart’s accusations.

[Image via NPR]