Burger King Adds 10 New Locations In Europe... Courtesy Of Kanye West

Burger King will soon add 10 new locations throughout Europe. If you'd like to shake the hand of the guy responsible for these new restaurants, then you'd better track down Kanye West.

As strange as it may sound, the rapper recently purchased almost a dozen Burger King locations as a gift for his bride-to-be Kim Kardashian. When the woman of your dreams already has almost everything under the sun, you have to get inventive when you're trying to shower her with riches.

According to Breitbart, the Burger King restaurants served as an early wedding gift for the reality TV star. A source close to West said that the rapper believes the fast food joints were a good investment for their future.

"She owns all the jewels anyone could ever want, so he is taking the practical route by investing in businesses for her instead. He knows the fast food industry is reliable and lucrative, plus BK is international so he thinks it's the perfect fit for Kim," an anonymous source said about the Burger King purchase.

The insider added, "Kanye wants to buy her 10 restaurants across the UK, Italy and France, making her a real international businesswoman."

Venture Capital Post explains that Burger King isn't West's first foray into the world of restaurant ownership. The rapper reportedly owns KW Foods LLC, which runs a few Fatburger locations in Chicago. In other words, Kanye knows a thing or two about the lucrative nature of such investments.

The website also suggests that the Burger King gifts were a way for West to get his fiancé away from Keeping Up with the Kardasians. Since the rapper isn't a huge fan of the reality television show, he wants Kim to focus her strengths on becoming a serious businesswoman. BK is apparently a step in that direction.

Since Burger King wants to expand its presence in overseas markets -- the company recently returned to France after an extended hiatus -- the company probably has no qualms about West opening 10 new locations in this territory. However, it's worth noting that no one from the rapper's camp has confirmed these purchases as of this writing.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are presently scheduled to tie the knot in Paris on May 24. Expect to hear much more about the event as the date draws closer.

What do you think about the rapper buying his fiance 10 Burger King locations as a wedding present? Do you think the fast food chain is a wise investment?

[Image via The Huffington Post]