L’Wren Scott Reportedly Hated By Other Members Of The Rolling Stones, Called ‘Yoko Ono’

L’Wren Scott was beloved by longtime boyfriend Mick Jagger, but the rest of the Rolling Stones are reportedly not too broken up over the fashion designer’s suicide.

Scott, who hanged herself this week in her New York condo, was reportedly loathed among Jagger’s bandmates and even referred to as Yoko Ono, who is often blamed for breaking up The Beatles.

“The rest of the band didn’t like L’Wren because she was so controlling,” a source told the New York Post’s Page Six. “When they saw her, they said, ‘Here comes Yoko.’ ”

There was reportedly longstanding tension between L’Wren Scott and members of the Rolling Stones. Sources say she offered to design costumes for the band’s tour, but others rejected her offer and she ended up only designing Mick’s outfits.

While reports of tension between L’Wren Scott and the Rolling Stones are emerging, new details about her suicide have also come out. Law enforcement sources say she wrapped a tie around her neck before using a black satin scarf to hang herself from a door handle inside her apartment.

“The necktie would apply more pressure,” a source told the New York Post. “She must have figured that if the scarf wasn’t long enough or something, then the necktie would choke her out.”

“She clearly wanted to do the job right,” the source added.

Reports say that L’Wren Scott was in dire financial straits, with her fashion company millions of dollars in debt.

Scott spent her final days in a beachfront villa in the Caribbean owned by Mick Jagger, and then flew to the private island of Mustique.

Though L’Wren Scott was normally active on social media, posting many pictures on Instagram, she was quiet in the days before her suicide.