Powerball Numbers Again Miss Mark, $425 Million Prize Last Month Unclaimed

The Powerball numbers drawn Wednesday night in Tallahassee, Florida, gave the world no new big winner, pushing the jackpot for Saturday’s drawing to $96 million. But in California, the winner of the sixth-largest United States lottery jackpot of all time has still not announced herself or himself — one month after the life-changing drawing.

A Powerball ticket worth a maximum of $425.3 million was sold on February 19 at a Milpitas, California, convenience store, but whoever holds that little, life-changing slip of paper is in no rush to enter the world of the super-rich.

“There’s still no sign of the big winner,” said the California Lottery commission in a written statement yesterday. “Perhaps he or she is still putting a game plan together before claiming, or maybe the ticket is sitting on a dresser or in a wallet, unchecked.”

So if you think you might have stopped for gas or coffee at Dixon Landing Chevron in Milpitas in February and maybe, just maybe, happened to buy a Powerball ticket, well, you might want to stop in at your nearest lottery office — in your case that’s 820 Dubuque Avenue in South San Francisco, by the way — just to say hello.

But make sure you’ve signed the back of that ticket first.

If you’re not sure if you hold the winning $425 million ticket from February 19, you can re-check those Powerball numbers by clicking on this link.

As for the March 19 Powerball drawing, while there were no jackpot winners, a surprising six tickets matched five numbers, but not the Powerball number. The second-prize winners sold in Indiana, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Texas are worth $1 million each.

A second-prize Powerball ticket sold in California, however, will pay off $2,198,310 thanks to that state’s unique pari-mutuel system, one which often produces smaller payouts on non-jackpot prizes than other states, but on Wednesday, worked to the benefit of whoever holds that ticket.

Is that person you? Check your ticket against these numbers:

219233443 Powerball 14

The Saturday Powerball game carries a cash-value jackpot of $55.1 million. The $96 million Powerball prize would be paid out, if someone claims the maximum prize, as 30 annual checks averaging $3.2 million each.

Image: Syda Productions / Shutterstock