Justin Bieber Is Still Not Making Atlanta His New Home: Source

Justin Bieber’s surprise sojourn in Atlanta, Georgia, from early February set off speculation – led by TMZ – that the pop superstar was eyeing a permanent move down South. However, a new report refutes that claim. Entirely.

Citing a source close to Bieber, CNN reported Wednesday that the 20-year-old singer will not be making Atlanta his new home.

Other claims such as Bieber’s (later denied) interest in a $10.95 million Buckhead mansion, a protest that turned out to be a hoax, odd blather about a rap career (negated by new songsBroken” and “Life Is Worth Living“), endless “sizzurp” stories that the singer “barely leaves” his ATL pad — are unsupported by near-daily sightings of an active young man and a DUI arrest-related toxicology report that revealed no trace of opiates.

It’s likely Bieber will still spend time in Atlanta, after all it’s where he began his professional career in 2008 prepping for a chart assault a year later. Longtime residents such as mentor Usher, former vocal coach Jan “Mama J” Smith, and old and new friends including T-Pain, T.I., Jermaine Dupri, Sean ‘Puffy’ Combs and Rick Ross also either live or party there.

Justin Bieber

(Photo: Justin Bieber At Atlanta’s Vanquish Club With A Big Name Rapper Roll Call February 5, 2014).

During his Atlanta stay, Bieber rented the spaceship-styled home of record producer buddy Dallas Austin and may pop back intermittently.

After moving out some of his belongings from his former Calabasas, California, mansion in January after a house egging-related police raid, Bieber sold the $6.5 million property for a reported $7.2 million to Khloe Kardashian earlier this month, later unloading his plot of land next door to another buyer.

Justin reportedly reunited with off-on girlfriend Selena Gomez in Texas on March 7 after a now infamous Miami deposition over a lawsuit launched by a suing paparazzo.

The singer is currently living the studio life in his native Canada and recording “bangerz” in a Toronto studio, according to his Twitter and other social media accounts.

Despite ongoing legal woes that include a May 5 DUI trial, an assault charge, and a probable incoming charge for allegedly egging his former neighbor’s Calabasas property, Bieber has made time for Toronto fans while posting numerous messages over recent days about being focused and grateful to make music.

always making music. always grateful for the opportunity to do what i love. thank you

— Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) March 18, 2014

For the time being, it’s not known where the Biebs will end up permanently laying his many snapback hats but — reportedly — it won’t be Atlanta.

Justin Bieber Recording In A Toronto Recording Studio

(Photo: Instagram: “I’m in the studio all day everyday for the ones who believe in me and support me ) you fall but you rise back up stronger. Be great.”)

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