Cathy Horyn: Reports of L’Wren Scott Breakup With Jagger ‘Rubbish’

American fashion critic Cathy Horyn, who wrote a fashion column in The New York Times from 1999 till the beginning of this year, wrote in the publication that rumors of L’Wren Scott breaking up with Mick Jagger, and that being a factor in her suicide, were “rubbish.”

Scott, a fashion designer, was found dead in her Manhattan apartment on Monday, having committed suicide by hanging herself, according to the New York City medical examiner’s office. The examiner’s office haven’t yet released any further details regarding the death of L’Wren Scott, and her family have yet to announce any funeral arrangements.

Having learned of the death of his girlfriend since 2001, Mick Jagger, who was in Australia when he heard the devastating news, posted the following statement on his website: “I am still struggling to understand how my lover and best friend could end her life in this tragic way. She had great presence and her talent was much admired, not least by me,” he wrote.

Jagger postponed concerts he was due to perform in Australia and New-Zealand after learning of the death of Scott. He was set to perform a seven-concert tour across the two countries and fans have been told to keep the tickets they have purchased for the concerts until further information is released.

It is widely known that although Scott was a highly successful fashion designer, her company faced mounting debts in recent years. Back in October of last year her accountants reported a loss of around $6 million during 2012.

Cathy Horyn, who knew L’Wren Scott personally since the mid-1990’s, said that Scott was planning to close her business, and was due to announce that in the week when she died.

Horyn wrote: “Still, as painful as the decision must have been for her, I wouldn’t draw any conclusions from it about her state of mind. Nor should any credence be given to reports of a breakup with Mick. It’s rubbish.”