Justin Bieber's Canada: A 24 Hour Fan, More Tattoos, A Casino Fail And Absolutely No Sleep

Justin Bieber may be in a tight spot this year, but he always makes time for his fans.

The 20-year-old superstar made one fan's day and night after she waited 24 hours for him outside a recording studio in Mississauga, Ontario, part of the Greater Toronto area.

Bieber returned to his native country earlier last week.

After a studio all-nighter, the singer emerged to find a group of excited girls waiting outside Tuesday, March 18.

One fan in particular waited so long that her phone battery died by the time she glimpsed her idol.

So what did Justin do?

Naturally, he took a picture of himself and the faithful, patient, and possibly hysterical fan on his own phone.

The singer later posted it to his Instagram account, with the caption: "Met this beautiful fan who waited outside for 24 hours her phone died so I told her I got her back :)."

Justin Bieber And A Fan Who Waited 24 hours

(Photo: Bieber and the very patient fan who waited 24 hours to see him.)

But then Bieber knows a little something about loyalty too.

Toronto Sun reports Niagara Fallsview Casino spokesman Greg Medulun confirmed Bieber and "a number of others in his company" arrived at the gambling venue at around midnight Saturday in a limousine.

As it turns out, one person in the superstar's group couldn't produce ID at the door and was denied entry to the gaming floor.

Mr.Non-ID (whoever he was) wasn't left stranded though, everyone else in the group decided to leave too.

Medulun affirms, "When we explained that individual would not be permitted access to the gaming floor that's when they decided they would leave together."

He added Saturday was "the first time" Bieber had visited Fallsview Casino "as our guest."

Apparently there was wee amount of fan recognition of Bieber while the group hung around deciding where to head to next. But, for the 10 or so minutes or so they were standing near the casino's entrance there was apparently no Beatlesmania crush.

"He was recognized by some fans," Medulun recalls. "There were people certainly interested in seeing him – he's a pop star – but there was no hysteria."

Justin Bieber

(Photo: The singer's new 'Bansky Tattoo' via Shots Of Me)

Hot on the heels of his "Girl with Balloon" Banksy tattoo last Wednesday, Bieber again sat for a mammoth inking in a recording studio in Toronto on Friday night through to Saturday morning.

From the wrapping on his right arm seen below, it looks like the singer is full-steaming it to a second sleeve.

Justin Bieber

(Photo: via Forever Young Ink, "Shouts to Justin Bieber for having us come by the studio to tatt him last night! 5am in Toronto for real, Mar.15.")

That same night, Bieber stopped to talk to a group of female fans.

At some point, he happened to casually debut a new song co-written with recently-reunited girlfriend Selena Gomez titled "Unfamiliar," later taking to Twitter to retweet fans' postings of the meet.

Late Saturday, after more sightings Bieber debuted a 15-second snippet of a new song "Life Is Worth Living."

Piano-backed and drenched in emotion with a chorus declaring,"Life is worth living, life is worth living, so live another day," the song is thought to refer to Gomez's evident re-entry in Bieber's life.

If so, the actress-singer arrives at a time when Bieber is facing incoming court dates for a suspected DUI, alleged assault, and a probable charge for allegedly egging his neighbor's house.

Perfect timing then.

Bieber jetted to McAllen, Texas to see Gomez for a loved-up weekend which included a tasty cameo during an acoustic show at SXSW, one day after attending a deposition related to a civil assault lawsuit on March 6.

As noted by the Niagara Falls Review, "spiteful press" followed in the wake of TMZ posting video clips from the deposition during which Bieber is seen dismissively or argumentatively answering questions from the lawyer of a photographer allegedly assaulted by one of his bodyguards.

After returning to Canada earlier last week, the "Baby" superstar appears to have thrown into himself into getting new body art and recording music to distract himself from his legal woes.

On Sunday, he uploaded an exhausted-looking picture of himself on Instagram.

Justin Bieber

(Photo: via Instagram, captioned, "Great night in the studio.")

Monday brought messages from Bieber on his selfie app Shots of Me, Twitter and Instagram revealing he was getting yet more tattoos and had been in studio for 24 hours.

Justin Bieber

[Photo: via Instagram, captioned, "Been in the studio for over 24 hours (via @shots]

His Shots caption "Still in the studio f**k with me," was particularly salty.

(Video: Captioned, "@nickdemoura killin s**t while I get tatted.")

Seemingly on something of a mini-goodwill tour Justin posted numerous impromptu fan meet and greets photos on Monday.

The singer also posted photos of himself on a motorbike, looking a lot worse for wear in a studio and a promo Adidas NEO shot.

Justin Bieber All Nighters In Studio

[Photo via Instagram, captioned ":) studio."]

Justin Bieber

(Photo: via Instagram, captioned, "Catch me if you can.")

Justin Bieber Promotes Adidas NEO Shoes

(Photo: via Instagram, captioned "Get my new shoes through Adidas #neo.")

Finally, we get to see new tattoos.

In an Instagram uploaded Tuesday and captioned, "On the regular," the new ink is revealed.

Sort of.

We'll have to wait for more pictures for a clearer view, but here's the shot.

Justin Bieber Has A New Set Of Tattoos

(Photo: via Instagram, captioned, "On the regular.")

An intriguing message that he and fellow suspected DUI arrestee, singer Maejor Ali, have a #giveback effort in the works, was followed by a declaration from Bieber that he was grateful to make music.

Bieber's Canada Chronicles continue.