John Legend Believes Kanye West's Honesty Makes Him Great

John Legend and Kanye West are good friends and frequent collaborators. However, this doesn't mean they don't get into arguments from time to time.

The rapper isn't the sort of person who keeps his thoughts, feelings, and emotions bottled up. When the guy doesn't like something, there's a very strong possibility that he's going to let you know about it. Although John Legend is an accomplished singer and songwriter, sometimes even he puts together a composition that doesn't settle well with his producer.

During a chat with the Daily Star, Legend discussed his relationship with West. Since Kanye has produced all the singer's musical endeavors thus far, they've spent a fair amount of time working together in the studio. However, John admitted that sometimes Kanye doesn't appreciate everything he creates.

"We always have differences of opinion. We try to get to a place where we agree on a song, but occasionally I put something on that I love and Kanye isn't too fond of. He is so honest that people think there must be something else behind it, but it's just him telling the truth as he sees it," John Legend explained.

He added, "We place a premium on being polite, but it's not the most necessary thing. If you look at what Kanye says and does, it might upset our sense of politeness, but has he ever actually hurt anybody? No."

Legend told Power 105 last year that he originally met Kanye West in New York City back in 2001. Once John realized that West had his best interest at heart, he signed to the rapper's label. They've worked together ever since.

At the time of the interview, John was putting together a brand new studio album. The singer said that Kanye isn't nearly as hands-on as he once was in the studio. Instead, he brings in fresh talent to help out at the boards.

"He doesn't really make beats anymore. But he suggest beats to write too. He has all these young producers coming through and he just kinda curates it, and helps put the album together," Legend explained.

John continued, "[He] helps write songs, helps curate all the beat selection, song selection, helps with the videos and everything."

Although the rapper isn't as involved with the production of John Legend's music, it's highly unlikely that the singer will turn his back on the guy anytime soon. What do you think about their relationship? Do you agree that West's power lies in his honesty?

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