Selena Gomez’s Family Opposed To Reunion With Justin Bieber

The internet is abuzz about the rekindled fires of love Selena Gomez has with Justin Bieber. However, Selena Gomez’s parents are not too happy about their relationship. Actually, they are opposed to the reunion.

According to the Daily Mail, Selena Gomez’s parents are “vehemently opposed” to Selena’s reconciliation with Justin Bieber. Selena and her on again/off again boyfriend, Justin, were spotted enjoying a romantic get-together in McAllen in Hidalgo County, Texas on Friday. Even though, Selena’s parents – her mother, Mandy, and stepfather, Brian Teefey – are worried. They believe that Selena’s breakup with Justin was the primary reason for Selena’s rehab stint in Januaray, as reported by Radar Online. A source, close to the family, stated the following:

“It’s definitely against [Mandy and Brian’s] wishes.”

“They’re doing their best to supervise them. They’re tolerating it as long as they know that there is someone who has eyes on them all the time.”

Selena Gomez is tolerating her parent’s views towards her boyfriend. In the end, they both have a limited say in Selena’s life as she utilizes the mandatory breadmaker card on them. A las, Selena’s parents know they cannot ban her from seeing Justin.

Selena and Justin at Don Pepe's Restaurant

However, Selena Gomez, appears to be enamored around Justin again. Lori Johnson, the restaurant manager at Don Pepe’s Restaurant in McAllen, had a statement for People about Selena and Justin’s breakfast date on Friday, in which she said:


“They were kissing.”

“They were sitting next to each other hugging and kissing in front of the staff. They weren’t hiding it and seemed to be boyfriend and girlfriend.”

Many of Selena Gomez’s fans are wondering about the reunion, especially after Selena was released from rehab for an unknown treatment. It should be stated that Selena chose to spend time at the Dawn of Meadows recovery centre in Arizona back on January 5th. Also, Dawn of Meadows is known for treating people aged 18 to 26, for emotional trauma, addiction, or dual diagnosis concerns. Some believe Selena checked herself in to get over Justin.

Only time will tell if Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber will stick it out. This is not their first time breaking up and getting back together though. They initially broke up back in November 2012, but got back together three months later. Justin would even post a picture of himself and Selena Gomez hugging with the tag, “Love the way you look at me.”

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