Lindsay Lohan Up To Her Old Tricks During '2 Broke Girls' Guest Appearance

Lindsay Lohan might have her mind set on a comeback, but the actress was reportedly up to her old tricks while filming her guest appearance on 2 Broke Girls.

The Mean Girls star plays a so-called "bridezilla" on an upcoming episode of the hit sitcom. If recent reports about her behavior on the set of the show are true, then editors presently have their hands full trying to make Lohan look good on-screen.

Lindsay Lohan portrays a bride who hires Max (Kat Dennings) and Caroline (Beth Behrs) to create her wedding cake. Of course, it doesn't take very long for all sorts of hijinks to ensue. The episode is presently scheduled to air on April 14, assuming it doesn't get scrapped beforehand.

According to the folks at The Star, Lindsay was definitely up to her old tricks on the set of the sitcom. Reports suggest that the actress didn't take her appearance on the show very seriously; at one point she answered her phone when she was shooting a scene.

News of Lindsay Lohan and her less-than-professional antics arrived courtesy of Crazy Days and Nights. The website's editor attended the taping of 2 Broke Girls, an adventure that proved Lohan might need to work a little harder at this whole comeback thing.

"Lindsay had a lot of trouble stringing together the various permutations required and after thirty minutes the lines were reduced and reduced until all was left was basically the black and white line and do it yourself. There was no point in trying to get it all right because it was not going to happen," the website explained.

The report continued, "Shortly after this, two scenes were shot with the entire regular cast and they took about twenty minutes to go through two scenes. All flawless. Once again it was time for Lindsay, but off camera. All she had to do was read one line of script. READ it. It took her three times to get it right."

The site reports that it took the cast and crew of 2 Broke Girls a total of five hours to film an 18-minute episode. Lindsay Lohan reportedly cost everyone an additional three hours of production time. To make matters worse, the actress failed to elicit laughs from the studio audience. In short: People are just fed up with Lindsay's shenanigans.

Are you planning to watch the 2 Broke Girls episode featuring Lindsay Lohan? Do you think it's time for the actress to get serious about her career?

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