Houston Dad Shoots Teen Boy Found In Daughter’s Bedroom

A Houston dad shot and killed a 17-year-old boy found inside his daughter’s bedroom early this morning. The unidentified Texas father was reportedly told by one of his children that someone was inside his teenage daughter’s room. When the dad entered his 16-year-old daughter’s room, he allegedly found her in bed with a boy.

The confrontation between the teen boy and the Texas dad happened around 2:30 am. The Houston man, carrying his gun, told the unknown teen to identify himself, according to law enforcement officers. The 16-year-old daughter reportedly said that not only did she not know the 17-year-old boy but that the two were not in bed together.

The Houston dad then told the teenage boy not to move, but saw the young man reach for something, and opened fired, according to statements made by the father to the police. The boy did not have a gun and the daughter later admitted that she did know the fatally shot teenager.

A neighbor had this to say to the local Fox News affiliate, “You just feel terrible for the families. You just kind of reflect on both of these families’ lives have been changed forever. The Houston man was transported from the home to the hospital for an unrelated medical issue.

Homicide investigators are still gathering evidence in the Texas shooting. A Harris County Sheriff’s report indicates that officers responded to a 911 call at the residence in the Bridgestone Lake Subdivision in the northwestern area of the county. No arrests have been made in the tragic shooting so far. Houston detectives reportedly plan on referring the case over to a grand jury.

[Image Via: Shutterstock.com]