Nicki Minaj Heads To Mexico, Inevitably Poses In A Bikini [Photos]

Nicki Minaj recently took a trip to Mexico. Not surprisingly, it didn’t take the rapper very long to post a series of photos from her excursion online.

Say what you want about Minaj’s music, but the woman definitely understands her audience. While not everyone wants to ogle the rapper’s substantial assets, there are definitely quite a few folks out there in the world who can’t wait for Nicki to post something insanely revealing on social media. Chances are these people are incredibly happy right now.

Shortly after Nicki Minaj hopped off the plane in Cabo, Mexico, she put on an incredibly skimpy bikini and stepped in front of someone with a camera and an itchy trigger finger.

Curious parities can check out a few of the photos from her trip below. The images are safe for work, though they are a little revealing. In short: They’re nothing that you wouldn’t find in the pages of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. If you need more, then swing by her official Instagram page.

Nicki Minaj’s vacation to Mexico has prompted a number of hilarious responses on Twitter. However, the image you see below pretty much sums everything up. The rapper is having a ton of fun while the majority of her fans are presently stuck at home.

If you’re looking at those Nicki Minaj photos and you can’t help but notice what great skin the rapper has, then you’re in luck. She recently revealed during an interview with Look magazine that keeping breakouts under control is a lot easier than one might initially believe. In fact, all you need to do is locate a cold bottle of aloe vera water.

“I definitely wouldn’t say [my complexion is] flawless! If I fall asleep with my make-up on, I’ll definitely have a breakout. And I’ve been drinking aloe vera water — it doesn’t taste nice, but it works!” she told the British publication.

What do you think about the photos Nicki Minaj posted from Mexico? Are you jealous that the rapper is having a bit more fun than the rest of us?