Holly Bobo Murder Suspect Linked To Earlier Kidnap Try In 2011

The man accused of killing Holly Bobo, a 20-year-old Tennessee nursing student who disappeared in 2011, has been linked to a kidnap attempt on another young woman just three months before Holly Bobo was last seen.

Holly Bobo vanished from her home in Darden, Tennessee, on April 13 of 2011. On January 23 of that year Heather Sullivan was leaving her home at about 5:30 am when an unidentified man attacked her on her own front porch and tried to drag her away.

“I was going with him, he was making sure of that, that’s how hard he grabbed me,” said Sullivan. “I mean, I had marks on my arm for four days.”

But Sullivan screamed and the would-be abductor got scared, running away on foot, according to police in Centerville where the incident happened, about 50 miles east of Darden.

While the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation is reportedly examining the possible connection between the attempted abduction of Heather Sullivan and the kidnapping and murder of Holly Bobo, the TBI has been extremely guarded with information about the Bobo investigation.

But a person close to Sullivan, concerned that the Holly Bobo and Heather Sullivan cases might involve the same criminal, hired Bill Warner, a private investigator, to conduct an independent inquiry.

While no sketch artist took Sullivan’s description of her attacker, Warner had his own sketch made and he says that there are strong similarities between Heather Sullivan’s still-unidentified attacker and Holly Bobo suspect Zachary Adams, 29.

“A quick comparison of the two would indicate to even the most mundane person that they sure do look alike. Especially the height,” said Warner.

Zachary Adams is tall and slim, a “basketball guy,” in Warner’s description.

But the man seen by Clint Bobo leading his sister Holly into the woods the day she vanished was heavyset and under six feet tall, raising the possibility that the abduction of Holly Bobo involved more than one perpetrator, a possibility that the TBI have so far refused to comment upon.

Heather Sullivan and Holly Bobo are also similar in appearance, both blonde and of petite build.

Holly Bobo

Well before he was arrested and charged in connection with the Holly Bobo murder and abduction, Zachary Adams had a well-known history of violence and drug use, with methamphetamine apparently being his drug of choice.

In 2004 Adams shot his own mother in the leg from close range. Adams’ former stepfather said that the woman would have bled to death if he had not been there to immediately care for her. After that, he said, he slept with a meat cleaver in his bed to defend himself against Adams.

Zachary Adams entered a not guilty plea in the Holly Bobo case Tuesday.