Mike Myers is a Man-Diva… Sort Of

Was it diva behavior or just hunger pangs that made Mike Myers list his demands backstage– and not rest until they were fulfilled? Myers, getting ready to promote “The Love Guru” on Late Night with Conan O’Brien, sent a team of interns on a “wild goose chase” for raspberry seltzer, Silk creamer, and Twizzlers. In the world of celeb demands, this one barely makes a blip on the screen (IMO, Diva Demands generally need to be things not found at a local grocery store), but the New York Post claims that he “drove backstage staffers bonkers.”

I also have a feeling that running errands for Mike Myers is kind of a creme-de-la-creme activity for interns, so they shouldn’t be complaining… only the people who witnessed it can really gripe, since they probably had bigger things to worry about than Polar vs. Adirondack.

Image: Getty