Adopted Burger King Baby Wants To Hug Her Birth Mom

27 years ago, Katheryn Deprill was a newborn baby found abandoned in a Burger King bathroom. Today, the mom of three boys has taken to Facebook in her search for answers to the mystery of her beginnings.

Born on September 15, 1986, the “Burger King baby,” as she was dubbed, was heard crying in the ladies room in the local BK in Allentown, Pensylvania. She was found wrapped in a maroon sweatshirt. Authorities estimated that she was only about three hours old and had been there for about an hour. Katheryn was a healthy, full-term baby weighing just over seven pounds.

Though there were a few leads at the time, the baby’s mother was never found. And now that baby is all grown up and hoping to find her birth mom.

In an interview with Nancy Grace on HLN, Katheryn Deprill said that she wants to know why she was given up. She wants to know her past and her medical history. But she overwhelmed Nancy Grace with her love and forgiveness toward her birth mother. Katheryn harbors no bitterness or anger, and is instead very grateful for her life. She recognizes that her mother must have been in a desperate situation, but she had the strength to put her baby in a place that was warm and dry where she would be found by people who would take care of her and give her a loving home.

A loving home is exactly what the Burger King baby grew up in. The Morning Call reports that Brenda and Carl Hollis took her in as a foster child and later adopted Katheryn and another daughter. They have two biological sons of their own. Yet Deprill never felt that she was less valued than her brothers. Her adoptive mom told her that her brothers came from her belly, and that she and her sister came from her heart.

According to counselor Mamahug Barbara Stephens, it is very normal for adopted children like Katheryn to want to know more about their own history. Knowing she was rescued at Burger King is not enough. No matter how wonderful, or turbulent, their life has been, there is a deep-seated need for answers. Prenatal psychologists like Dr. David Chamberlain and others assert that the baby is aware on some level of the truth, and when there are no visible answers, the adult often goes on a quest to fill in those holes.

Thus, Burger King baby Katheryn Deprill has taken to Facebook and the media in hopes in filling in the gaps and finding her birth mother. When Nancy Grace asked her what she would do if she found her mother, she replied, “I am hoping that she will let me hug her.”

Firefighter and speaker Monica Kelsey is on a mission to inform the public about laws that exist in every state, saying that birth mothers can leave their babies at fire stations and other places, no questions asked, with no criminal charges. Though in this case Burger King was not a terrible place for Deprill to be left, there are better options. is a resource for women to find those safe places rather becoming a part of the growing problem of women abandoning babies in unsafe places or throwing them away.

Katheryn Deprill is loved and wanted by her adoptive family. Now the Burger King baby is hoping for a happy ending in her search for her birth mom and for the truth.