Is Leonardo DiCaprio Helping Harry Styles Break Into Hollywood?

Is Leonardo DiCaprio helping One Direction singer Harry Styles get his musical foot in the Hollywood door? That’s what this slice of internet gossip suggests, anyway.

Although the group is reportedly hard at work on another album, that doesn’t mean the fellas aren’t keeping their eyes peeled for other career opportunities. According to the Mirror, Leonardo DiCaprio recently invited the guy over to his home to discuss getting Styles a few acting gigs.

“Leo’s production company Appian Way has at least ten movie projects in the works with roles that could interest Harry,” an industry insider recently told The Sun.

The source added, “Leo’s invited Harry over to his house for a long weekend when their schedules allow to talk work and women. Bradley Cooper will probably be around too.”

Although Unreality TV suggests that DiCaprio is possibly trying to get the singer to bid farewell to One Direction, chances are he’s just helping him expand his horizons. After all, the boy band probably won’t last forever. Despite what fans might believe, just about every musical group on the planet has an expiration date. There are exceptions, of course.

In addition Leonardo DiCaprio, the website also points out that Harvey Weinstein is interested in getting Harry to appear in a few motion pictures. However, the producer put together a few terms and conditions for the singer to follow.

“First he’s got to date three of my daughters. They all think he’s extremely handsome,” Weinstein reportedly explained. This writer is sure his kids appreciated that comment.

Although rumors suggest that Leonardo and Styles are getting together to discuss the singer’s future in Hollywood, it’s unclear what sort of roles the One Direction heartthrob would tackle. Chances are his managers wouldn’t let him stray too far from the sort of stuff his fans would want to see.

While Leonardo DiCaprio figures out which projects are best suited to Styles’ strengths, the budding actor is reportedly busy putting together material with his bandmates. The group is reportedly hard at work on yet another batch of tunes, though a release date for the record isn’t available as of this writing.

According to fellow singer and songwriter Liam Payne, the next album is going to knock fans right out of their sneakers. In fact, he believes that a lot of guys will end up picking up the record before everything is said and done.

“People say we don’t work hard and it’s all a game and whatever. We just wanna make good music, and this album — honestly, every lad out there tonight who’s thinking One Direction are this and that. Literally, next album — pick up our album and see what you feel,” he said.

What do you think about Leonardo DiCaprio hanging out with Harry Styles? Do you think Leo will help the guy break into Hollywood?

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