Leonardo DiCaprio Fields More Questions About His Love Life

Leonardo DiCaprio can’t go anywhere without someone asking him about his love life.

The Wolf of Wall Street star’s personal affairs are frequently the topic of internet gossip, a fact that must drive the poor guy bonkers. Proving once again that DiCaprio can’t talk to anyone without the word “marriage” popping up, the actor found the subject popping up during his recent chat with CBS Sunday Morning.

In case you haven’t heard, Leonardo DiCaprio is something of a ladies man. The actor has dated a plethora of beautiful women over the years, which may explain why he isn’t quite ready to settle down just yet.

“I think everybody, well, not everybody, but I think that, you know, eventually when the time is right, absolutely, yeah. I’ve seen some interesting marriages and I’ve seen some not-interesting marriages,” the actor explained.

DiCaprio said of the public’s bizarre fascination with his love life:

“I think that comes with the territory. And the sort of microscope that was put on me, certainly after Titanic came out. Every activity that I did was sort of in the newspaper, which was, you know, silly and I tried to avoid it, but it was what it was.”

Instead of discussing who he’s dating and whether he plans to get hitched, Leonardo DiCaprio would rather discuss his big-screen projects. The actor is particularly jazzed about The Wolf of Wall Street, his recent collaboration with director Martin Scorsese. He hopes that more movies of this nature find their way into the hands of producers in Hollywood.

“I have been doing a lot of press for the film and speaking openly about it because I want more films like this to be able to get made. You may misinterpret it. But this is what we wanted to put up on the screen, and that’s not something you’re going to see very often nowadays, which is what I am absolutely most proud of of making this movie,” he told Indiewire.

He added, “It’s interesting, because I have been doing this since I was 13. I am almost about to turn 40, and I am looking back at some of the stuff I’ve gotten to do, and at the center of it is this amazing accidental collaboration that I’ve gotten to have with Marty.”

Are you a fan of Leonardo DiCaprio? Are you surprised that so many people wonder when the acclaimed actor is planning to get married?

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