Captain America Two Trailer Shows New Side To The Captain

Captain America’s second movie, Captain America: The Winter Soldier was already exciting fans. After the success of Captain America: The First Avenger, the idea of a second movie was pushed massively. The first was really a movie to introduce us to the Captain, while the Avengers movie was to show off the entire Avengers crew.

The Captain was never one to shy away from a fight and Captain America 2 shows that off in a big way. Like all Marvel movies seemingly, there is a cross over of other characters. Captain America worked with S.H.I.E.L.D quite often in the comics, and as a result, worked with several of their team and special agents. It seems that we are getting to see this dynamic play out in Captain America 2.

One of the most prominent agents is the Black Widow, a female agent that kicks tail and takes names later. She is Russian by birth and has a record 10 miles long. In the comics, she has been both good and bad. So the idea of her being with S.H.I.E.L.D is not crazy, as they provide her with a place to use her skills and get paid well to do it.

She along with other agents will be featured in the movie and it seems the Captain is more than willing to become more badass to outperform the agents around him.

Whether it’s jumping out of a plane into water with no parachute or taking on multiple people at once to running through an explosion, he is the Captain America we have wanted to see. It seems with the first movie and the Avengers, he was either out-shined by his cast or not able to show off how awesome he could be due to the story not showing him off. Of course, he was awesome in Captain America 1, so let’s not split hairs.

If we’re going by just the trailers alone with Captain America 2, it is already looking like a new version of Captain America. Yet he is hurt by the loss of friends. This wasn’t as big of a problem in the Avengers, but after the fight was over we were obviously going to see personal issues come up.

Bucky, the best friend of Cap in the first movie fell to his death in the first film off of a train into a winter abyss. It seemed unlikely he could survive such a fall, so Cap obviously thought he lost his friend. Yet, he didn’t. Bucky survived!

I will not give away how he does, but it seems like Bucky is now on a war path. He becomes The Winter Soldier, a Soviet assassin of sorts who doesn’t really have a side. He certainly has no problems taking out the Captain. This movie not only will give us a new side to the Captain, but it will also extend the Marvel story going forward.

We know that Nick Fury seems to die in this film, we also know that Cap seems to have an entire team behind him that is full of big game players. Not only that, but Black Widow is no slouch to have around either. We’re also really focusing on Cap’s love life too, as you will see in the trailer below. Will he meet another woman or will this just be something they added to look into a loneliness factor? There is a lot to look into.

We know it’s a new Captain America, but will this be a good or bad thing? Currently, it seems like a good thing. It seems that Marvel never disappoints with their movies, and it’s highly doubtful they will this time around either.

Check out an extended 4-minute Captain America 2 Trailer below: