Donald Trump Forgets Jimmy Carter Is Alive During CPAC Speech [Video]

Chad Quates - Author

Dec. 20 2017, Updated 8:30 p.m. ET

Donald Trump has delivered many speeches over the years, and content aside, has made the occasional verbal gaffe. While speaking at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) recently, Trump mentioned Jimmy Carter, incorrectly referencing the former president in the past tense.

The Donald’s remarks at the CPAC were of the typical variety, touching on a number of conservative talking points. However, Trump prematurely snuffed out Carter when he explained, “I think by next month, we will have surpassed the late, great Jimmy Carter.”

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Trump was comparing the Obama presidency and its current state to the Carter administration, and not in a particularly flattering way. The Donald frequently uses his special brand of sarcasm to belabor a point, but in this instance Trump mistakenly disregarded one of the few living presidents who remain with us.

Trump’s comment did not go unnoticed, as James Carter, the grandson of the former president, became aware of the remarks and responded via Twitter.

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While the Donald did not commit any other blatantly obvious verbal offenses during his lengthy ramblings at the CPAC, there were the usual Trump talking points, as the conservative real estate tycoon blasted President Obama while covered topics ranging from China to immigration.

Here is the Donald on China and the national debt:

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“China, which I’ve been talking about for the last five years, yesterday – right in our face – they just devalued our currency. What they’re really saying is, ‘We’re really ripping you big league. Nobody’s ever done it better than us, but now we’re going to really do it again.”

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The Donald also deemed it prudent to mention the popularity of the Trump brand in China and abroad. In fact, the speech was littered with self-serving references and his signature hubris. Trump has even intimated at possible runs for both governor of New York and president in 2016.

Trump then moved on to immigration policy:

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“We’re either a country or we’re not. We either have borders or we don’t. If we don’t have a border, what are we — just a nothing?”

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The Donald also addressed the current situation in the Ukraine, suggesting Putin has established the upper hand on Obama.

Trump was an equal opportunity offender, criticizing some fellow Republicans as well, including Paul Ryan and Marco Rubio, claiming they are on the wrong side of certain issues.

The Donald was his usual entertaining self at the CPAC, even defiantly refusing the use of the teleprompter. Trump should perhaps reconsider next time, if only to avoid pronouncing someone dead by mistake.


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