Missing Nursing Student Jasmine Joseph Was Hiding A Secret From Parents

Missing nursing student Jasmine Joseph has not been seen by her parents or friends since February 24th, 2014. The New York Institute of Technology nursing student was last heard from by her mother who talked to Jasmine, 22, on the phone. But Jasmine Joseph was hiding a secret that was not revealed until after her disappearance.

The missing nursing student was actually no longer actively taking classes at NYIT. In fact, Jasmine Joseph last attended a class at the school in May of 2013. All along, her parents believed that Jasmine was going to school, on her way to becoming a nurse like her mother. Lovely Jospeh is a cardiac nurse who was under the impression that her daughter was on track to follow in her footsteps.

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The family of the missing nursing student moved to the United States in 1997. The Indian family have lived in Syosset, Long Island since then. Jasmine Joseph attended high school there and enrolled at NYIT. Her parents say that Jasmine was a straight A student before she stopped attending classes. How did they not know the missing nursing student was no longer going to school? She charged their American Express card $6,072 for the Fall semester. But investigators discovered she never attended one class last Fall.

When Jasmine’s father, Sony Joseph, asked to see her report card for the Fall semester, she told him the she was having trouble pulling it up on the computer. Sony and Lovely left to go back to India for a trip, leaving Jasmine at home. The missing nursing student was given a credit card to pay for her Spring semester. She never charged the card. The school issued a statement after Jasmine went missing.

The NYIT community has recently learned of the disappearance of one of our former students, Jasmine Joseph, who until May 2013 was a student in the nursing program. We have been in contact and are cooperating with Jasmine’s family, who are actively seeking her whereabouts. Many students and staff members are helping to spread the word and share photos, in hopes that the public will recognize this young woman and contact her family or the authorities. Our thoughts are with her loved ones.

So far there have been no leads, although police do not believe criminal activity is involved. As far as they are concerned she is an adult, not under the supervision of her parents. The missing nursing student did not have a boyfriend according to her parents. But her sudden disappearance and unknown activities over the last 10 months have parents and friends concerned. They gathered together to hand out fliers to find Jasmine.

There is also a Facebook page for anyone interested in helping with trying to find missing nursing student, Jasmine Joseph.

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