Tennessee Crash Drowns Kids: Mom Praises God For The ‘Incredible Opportunity’ After The Tragedy

After a Tennessee family lost two young children in an SUV accident, the mother, Monique Einwechter, is praising God during her trial. She says the deaths may be a tragedy but they’ve also been given an “incredible opportunity.”

In a related report by The Inquisitr, videos of the I-25 accident in Colorado show over 100 cars involved in the pileup, but incredibly only one person was killed.

24-year-old Monique, her husband Jonathan, and her four young children had just moved from Pennsylvania to live with her parents, who owned a small farm in Tennessee. She was driving down a gravel road and when she drove over an embankment near a small pond the icy conditions caused the SUV to slide into the water.

Monique began honking the horn frantically and the rest of the family heard the commotion from inside the house. By time they ran out to help, the SUV had already tipped over partially. Monique handed over her 1-year-old son Titus through the window that they managed to break out. 2-year-old son Jonathan was able to be pulled out through the back window.

Unfortunately, despite the family trying to hold the SUV back, it flipped all the way over and disappeared to the bottom of the pond, trapping the mother with her her 6-week-old son, Enoch, and 3-year-old daughter, Elise. The family dived into the icy waters to save them but due to the murkiness of the waters they were only able to recover the mother. Even then Monique’s lungs were partially filled with water and she barely survived after being rushed to the hospital.

The family says that even in this tragedy they felt the protection of God. The husband says that if the accident had happened either a minute earlier or a minute later then no one would have survived. While preparing for the funeral for their children, Monique released this statement to churches:

“If I could make yet another request, please pray for us as we prepare for the memorial service on Saturday and the funeral next Thursday. We deeply desire that God would: give us the right words to speak, that His spirit would speak through us; that hearts would be open to receive the truth; and that we would not miss this incredible opportunity to glorify God and further His kingdom. Our loss has been too great to miss this opportunity.”

New Beginnings Church is one of the churches which received this message and the pastor Michael Schuster says he knew Monique when she was a little girl. Mr. Schuster says her reaction to the SUV accident is entirely within her character.

“These actions are consistent with the way she has been since a young age. While in elementary school she prayed for her classmates and always had a deep trust in God.”

What do you think about how Monique Einwechter and her family are focusing on God despite suffering through this tragedy?