Austin Mahone Reveals His Secret To Wooing The Ladies

Austin Mahone recently divulged his secrets for wooing the ladies.

Any guy who prides himself on wrapping girls around his fingers will admit that you never reveal the tricks of the trade. Magicians pride themselves on keeping such secrets under lock and key, though Mahone doesn't seem to mind sharing his techniques with the world.

During his chat with the boys and girls at Tiger Beat, Austin Mahone took a moment to discuss how he flirts with the opposite sex. The next time the "Banga Banga" singer starts spitting his game in your general direction, keep in mind that Mahone is employing tactics that he honestly believes work magic on women.

Austin told the publication:

"It's called 'The Transition'. I find something I have in common with a girl so I can break the ice and start talking to her. It can be anything. That's the transition into me talking to her! First, I find a prop. For example, Let's say she has a dog, I'll ask her, 'What kind of dog is that?' Then I'll tell her I love dogs, too! That's something we have in common to talk about. I used to be more shy, but now, when I really like someone, I speak up. I'm definitely single, but if I like a girl, I'll make sure she knows it."

According to Nickutopia, Austin Mahone has a pretty big crush on Rihanna at the moment. However, it's extremely doubtful that the guy's flirting technique will work on the "Diamonds" singer. Chances are she's heard it all before.

Although learning about Mahone's skills with the ladies is definitely amusing for a short amount of time, fans who are in it for the music are probably wondering when the guy will drop his first full-length record on the masses. Unfortunately, Austin hasn't coughed up a proper release date as of this writing.

However, this doesn't necessarily mean the singer isn't working hard on the songs. The Inquisitr previously reported that Austin intends to drop the album at some point this year. He's currently busy trying to get everything pitch perfect.

"I mean, I'm doing a lot of travel right now, so it's kind of hard to find time to record songs. But anytime that I can, I like to, because I'm just trying to finish my album and get it done," Austin Mahone said.

The singer added, "The thing about the album is that throughout the year I'll be like 'Oh, it's coming out in June... it's coming out in August' and it would keep moving. I felt so bad because my fans will be like 'What are you doing? Why does it keep changing?'"

Are you a fan of Austin Mahone? What do you think about the singer revealing his secrets to flirting with the ladies?