Austin Mahone Drops Details About His Upcoming Debut Album

Austin Mahone wants his debut album ready to roll by next year.

Although he's toured the world in support of Taylor Swift, released an EP, and snagged the Artist To Watch award at this year's MTV Video Music Awards, the singer still doesn't have a proper collection of songs to call his own. However, all of that should change very soon.

During a brief conversation with Billboard at KISS FM's Jingle Ball in Los Angeles, Austin Mahone dropped a few details about his debut album. Although he originally had a clear idea of what he wanted the songs to sound like, the music is apparently still evolving.

"I mean, I'm doing a lot of travel right now, so it's kind of hard to find time to record songs. But anytime that I can, I like to, because I'm just trying to finish my album and get it done," Mahone told the publication.

The singer continued, "I worked with RedOne and I thought [the album] was going to be all RedOne stuff, but I worked with Max Martin and Sean Garrett, and I think the album is gonna have a lot of different types of songs on there, but I think it's going to come together real nice and I'm excited to put it out."

When can Austin Mahone fans expect the album to hit retail shelves? Although the singer would love to hammer out an exact date, he's still a little unsure when the tunes will land in the hands of his anxious fans. If all goes accordingly, then the singer wants the album available to the public early next year.

"[There's] not an exact date, but I'm working on it right now so it should be out around maybe February or January, somewhere around there. I feel like it's working out because the more time we have, the more songs I record. So there's going to be better songs on the album." the singer told Fanlala last month.

He added, "The thing about the album is that throughout the year I'll be like 'Oh, it's coming out in June... it's coming out in August' and it would keep moving. I felt so bad because my fans will be like 'What are you doing? Why does it keep changing?'"

Are you a fan of Austin Mahone? Do you think the singer's long-awaited debut album will arrive early next year?

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