Monsanto’s Roundup Ready Linked To Kidney Disease [Study]

Monsanto’s Roundup Ready could be linked to a fatal kidney disease, according to a new study about the popular chemical herbicide. A chronic kidney disease which appears to be plaguing poor farmers in multiple regions around the world might be linked to the weed killer sold by the biotech giant.

The International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health report suggests that glyphosate, the active ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup Ready, becomes extremely toxic to the kidneys when mixed with “hard” water. Such water is often filled with cadmium and arsenic that either exist natural in the soil or have been added via commercial fertilizer.

GMO seeds and genetically engineered food in general have allowed companies like Monsanto to virtually dominate the world food market. Poor third world nations are led to believe that GMO seeds are the way to go when attempting to feed a population both quickly and cheaply. Farmers both in the United States and abroad are being taught that chemical weed killers like Roundup Ready and GMO seeds are the only way to go when hoping to generate a productive yield and turn a profit.

The Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health findings revealed a possible link between consumption of hard water and Chronic Kidney Disease of Unknown etiology – CKDu. A total of 96 of the kidney patients have reportedly consumed “hard of very hard” water for at least five years.

Roundup Ready contains glyphosate, which may be toxic to humans according to a different recent report. The chemical herbicide is found in approximately 750 commercial products currently sold in the United States. Weed killers such as the top seller offered by biotech giant Monsanto reportedly infiltrate the ground and accumulate inside mammals, particularly in the bones. When helpful microorganisms inside the “gut” of humans are disrupted, the immune system is reportedly compromised.

Glyphosate also reportedly hinders cellular detoxification after it is absorbed inside the body of mammals. A review of the chemical by Natural News also states that the herbicide component “annihilates” the building blocks of life inside plants by ripping amino acids apart. The “shikimate pathway” in microorganisms and plants is reportedly disrupted by one of the primary ingredients in Monsanto’s Roundup Ready and other products containing the same chemical.

When glyphosate is mixed with other chemical ingredients, its harmful strength is reportedly increased. The Monsanto Roundup Ready ingredient is often combined with foaming agents and surfactants which permit the mixture to penetrate plant leaves. The ability to utilize glyphosate has allegedly inspired scientists to create “Roundup Ready Seeds.” The genetically modified seeds have the ability to resist the powers of Monsanto’s Roundup Ready weed killer, enabling them to grow even when the chemical spray touches upon their tiny little sprouts.