WWE Championship Belts For Miami Heat? Lebron James Gets Assist From Stephanie McMahon

WWE Championship belts are only given to real winners, like the Miami Heat. That’s right. On Wednesday morning, Lebron James gave his teammates one of the coolest presents a friend could buy.

Lebron got one of the coveted WWE Championship belts for his birthday from Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Upon seeing LeSean McCoy celebrate with his own belt after scoring a touchdown in a game against the Dallas Cowboys, the Miami Heat star realized the one thing he needed for his birthday. A WWE championship belt. So he tweeted it out and and former WWE Champion, The Rock, delivered.

Lebron James is known for not being selfish on the court. Triple doubles and the assist are a normal part of his game. James has won two NBA championship rings with the Miami Heat. So it is only logical that he would share WWE championship belts with the “Heatles” as they like to call themselves. Following the Heat practice on Wednesday, Lebron got an assist from WWE Chief Brand Officer, Stephanie McMahon. He surprised the Miami squad with their own, customized WWE Championship belts.

Chris “Birdman” Anderson definitely looks like a WWE Champion, especially sporting those glasses. In fact, he may have been on Monday night RAW. Anderson was not the only member of the NBA World Champions to get excited about their belts. Mario Chalmers took to Instagram, posting his own picture of the Heat hoisting their WWE Championship belts in the air. He wrote, “Swagg champs we got the belts. Always wanted one of these as a kid. Stone cold Steve Austin was my favorite wrestler.”

Dwyane Wade, considered to be the coolest of the Heatles, couldn’t contain himself on Instagram either.

#MyHeatles #MyHeatles…@kingjames w yet another great gift for his teammates..#LMT #wejustdifferent

As the team prepares to take on the New York Knicks on Thursday night, they appear to be in championship form. Later, Lebron James took to Twitter to thank Stephanie McMahon for the assist on the WWE Championship belts.

The Miami Heat have their very own WWE Championship belts thanks to Lebron.