'The Lego Movie' Gets The Live Action Treatment From Will Ferrell

The Lego Movie is currently number one at the box office for the third week in a row, so while most audiences have already seen it, there's still a few spoilers for those who haven't. USA Today exclusively revealed the big secret that comes at the end of the film featuring its star Will Ferrell.

In The Lego Movie, for the most part, Will Ferrell isn't seen in terms of "live-action." For the most part he's voicing two now very iconic Lego characters named President and Lord Business. However, there's a bit of a live-action sequence that appears in the ending of The Lego Movie titled The Man Upstairs.

The Man Upstairs sees Ferrell as he is usually seen on the big screen. In the film The Man Upstairs is referred to as this God-like creature, which in other words really just symbolizes the father of the child that owns the Lego set.

In The Lego Movie Ferrell finds his son Finn playing around with his Legos, and as it turns out it's been Finn all along imagining the world that surrounds doofy Emmet and his friends.

Speaking to USA Today, Will Ferrell said of the twist ending for The Lego Movie:

"It's the poignancy of that. The fact you have been in this animated world for so long and all of a sudden you are live action and you see what you've truly been watching. I thought it was so well done."
Piggybacking on that thought are writer-directors Christopher Miller and Phil Lord. The pair revealed that they wanted the ending to really be a surprise for the audience.
"We did want to do something at the end you were not expecting. And something that would sort of tie everything together. And we wanted to show there's a real family story at the heart of the movie that you only realize at the end. It's what it all really means."
Ferrell who is revealed as a bit of a control freak father in the end of The Lego Movie, said that he, too can relate to the material he gets to play with outside of the Lego universe.
"I have had moments where I have sat down to help my son build the Millennium Falcon and have literally told him to leave the room because I have to finish this one part. He can join me later. And I literally build it like for an hour."
The Lego Movie has grossed in total $183 million since its release on February 7, 2014.