Huffington Post inks deal with GlobalPost for world news coverage

The Huffington Post has signed a deal with the yet to launch news provider GlobalPost for world news syndication.

GlobalPost is due to launch January 12 (2009) and is offering competition to AP on world news through a network of international reporters billed as the largest from a US news organization outside of AP itself. GlobalPost is competing is an increasing competitive syndication market alongside new comers Daylife and CNN Wire against the increasingly unpopular due to costs AP and to a lesser extent Reuters.

The Huffington Post closed a $25 million round of funding last month and was said at the time to be using the money to expand local coverage and investigaitve journalism. The Huffpost has already started syndicating some world content under their new World News section, and it would appear that part of their new strategy of broadening their appeal base outside of politics includes global news.