Amy Poehler Joins Seth Meyers On His First 'Late Night' Show

Amy Poehler joined Seth Meyers as his first guest on his very first Late Night show. The fact that Meyers and Poehler have been good buddies for more than 10 years, and worked together on Saturday Night Live, probably made Meyers' debut that much easier for him.

Meyers did admit that he was more than a little nervous on his first show, but was soon reassured by Poehler who said: "You are going to do such a wonderful job. I have watched you for 13 years pretend to listen to people," she joked.

In his first official address from behind the Late Night desk Meyers made a promise - tongue in cheek of course: "I promise to treat [the show] with respect and dignity, and to only use it to do completely original comedy pieces. Starting now."

Meyers also seemed a little uneasy during his monologue, but was soon put at ease by bandleader Fred Armisen who had worked with him on SNL.

Armisen used the moment as a chance to plug his History Channel show Recent History: "It only goes back the past hour or so, but with a historical spin, so you know the importance of everything. It's very serious. Very dry," he said to the new show's new host.

For her part, Poehler went along with Meyers' banter and even made reference to her recent prank on Hollywood stud George Clooney: "I want to say something to George Clooney that no woman has ever said to him: 'George, please stop,'" she jested.

Amy Poehler also had nothing but praise for Seth Meyers' second guest, none other than Vice President Joe Biden, who she called, rather cheekily, a "gorgeous charm monster."

(Photo by: Peter Kramer/NBC)