Nicki Minaj Faces $30 Million Lawsuit Over Stolen Wig Designs

Nicki Minaj recently found herself at the center of a hefty lawsuit.

In addition to her memorable outfits and numerous personas, the rapper is known for sporting some truly outrageous wigs. Hair stylist Terrence Davidson firmly believes Minaj stole some of his designs and cut her out of a few lucrative deals.

According to the lawsuit, Davidson designed several of Nicki Minaj’s famous wig back in day. When an opportunity to peddle the creations to the masses came about, the rapper reportedly jacked his ideas and made off with the money. Now Davidson wants his cut, prompting the stylist to file a $30 million lawsuit against Minaj.

Davidson said he began working with the rapper back in 2009. Not only did she give the stylist a chance to push his own creative boundaries, Minaj also gave him the opportunity to work with such famous faces as Jennifer Hudson.

“With Nicki, I just knew I had to step out of the box. She has a young fan base who loves the new stuff. She has a fun side. I go into her closet and I see all this color,” Davidson explained.

Since he feels ripped off by a person he once considered a sister, Davidson decide to take his case to court. The stylist filed the lawsuit on Friday in Atlanta district court with the help of his attorney Christopher Chestnut.

Davidson and Chestnut recently discussed the matter with the folks at CNN. In their opinion, Nicki Minaj is making a serious chunk of change from Terrence’s extremely hard work.

“Nicki Minaj is reaping great success and financial bounty reward for Terrence’s creative expertise, and he is entitled to participate in that. Someone’s got to stand up for the artist. We applaud the fact that she’s making millions, but she’s also got to pay bounty to those whose creative designs she’s making millions off of,” Chestnut told the outlet.

This isn’t the only trouble Nicki Minaj has faced in recent days. The rapper irritated the estate of Malcolm X after she used an image of the civil rights activist to promote her latest release “Lookin A** N****.” This prompted the family’s attorney to issue a very stern statement on the matter. In short: Remove the photo or else.

“Failure to do so within the next 24 hours shall result in legal action. The initial act and subsequent acts of distribution were improper and ill-advised. Any disparagement, infringement, or disrespect of Malcolm X, and his name, image, likeness and proprietary rights will not be tolerated,” attorney L. Londell McMillan explained.

What do you think about the $30 million wig lawsuit filed against Nicki Minaj? Do you think the rapper should pay the stylist his fair share of the profits?