What I’d like to see: FriendFeed + Google Reader tighter integration

I’d like to see FriendFeed partner with Google Reader on something that I believe the Inner Web Nerds in all of us freak out with joy and exultation. Not a Google purchase of FriendFeed (which was founded by ex-Googlers, by the way), just a straight up partnership that further integrates FriendFeed functionality into Google Reader.

Here’s how it would work.

I’ve written before about how much I love Google Reader’s “shared + note” feature. It’s a fun and somewhat addictive way to jot little notes, thoughts, and opinions about stories that you’re sharing while browsing through your RSS feeds via Google Reader.

Now, things get really cool when you factor in reading the jotted notes/thoughts/opinions that your friends are sharing as well. It’s a quick and efficient way to read stories that your contacts have vetted as worthy of attention along with jotted notes besides, a modern day version of newspaper clippings that made their way around offices with sticky notes attached.

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