iPhone 6 Rumors: Apple A8 Chip Being Developed, But Not By Samsung

The iPhone 6 rumors concerning the Apple A8 chip were buzzing this week when information regarding Samsung’s involvement was leaked. Samsung, who has been the sole manufacturer of Apple’s processing chips, has reportedly backed out of production of the next generation A8.

What led to the rumors regarding Apple’s biggest competitor bowing out of work on the iPhone 6 chip? According to reports coming out of Taiwan, TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company) is now the sole contractor for the project. It was already announced last year that the world’s largest independent semiconductor foundry would be participating in 2014. But at the time it was thought TSMC and Samsung would have a partnership, sharing the workload.

With tensions already high between Apple and Samsung, these newest iPhone 6 rumors show a further split between the two. The South Korean company was reportedly struggling to produce the yield required by Apple using 20 nanometer technology. TSMC has much more experience in this area and has been able to produce the CPU chips much faster.

In switching chip processing manufacturers, there could be concern over a change in quality. TSMC’s history of working primarily on small nano technology and Apple’s confidence to give the organization a shot should help to satisfy any worries.

Other iPhone 6 rumors include a larger screen and even better display technology. Some thought Apple might be releasing their next phone earlier in 2014, but without an announcement yet, it is increasingly looking like fall will be the time. The next generation of iPad rumors are heating up quite a bit however.

Mac fans are wondering if the company will be releasing an iPad Pro this year to compete with the Samsung line of tablets that have been coming out in a steady stream. Samsung has made a considerable dent in the Apple market share when it comes to tablets. A large part of that success is due to faster speeds and more options for professional use. The A8 chip is expected to be in the next version of the iPad Air, but there has been very little discussion in improving the iPad Mini 2 with retina display.

All of the iPhone 6 rumors are sure to have itchy customers asking, “how long”?