Kansas City Chiefs to do list

The Kansas City Chiefs did an excellent job addressing their needs in the 2011 NFL draft. They also moved back in the first round and still were able to secure the players they wanted and address positions of need. That should be an object lesson for other NFL teams out there. Paying close attention to your board, and the board of your competition will allow your team to maximize each and every draft pick.

Along the offense, especially at the skill positions, I do not see many free agent concerns. They drafted a center in round two so that need has already been taken care of. However, this is where the NFL lockout starts too really hurt teams. Since they are basically a complete offensive unit right now, they need to be on the field learning to play together and getting first round pick WR Jonathan Baldwin familiar with their attack.

On defense a little work remains. Both starting nose tackles form 2010 are free agents. I seriously doubt that sixth round pick Jerell Powe was drafted with the idea he would start from day one. So they will have to resign one of the two, or look to the free agent market for a potential upgrade. There are also some free agency concerns in the LB crops. They drafted two LB prospects in the draft but still feel a little thin. Some of the younger talents will likely be resigned, and they will look to the free agent market for any clear upgrades.

On paper the Chiefs look pretty solid, but not having off season workouts and organized team activities may set them back some in 2011. Hopefully they pull it all together and make another run at the NFL playoffs.

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