Bode Miller Cries For Dead Brother After Olympic Bronze, Did NBC Push Him Too Far?

NBC reporter Christin Cooper has come under fire after she repeatedly questioned Olympic bronze medal winner, Bode Miller, about his brother's death.

Moments after Miller finished third in the Super G final, Cooper bombarded him with numerous questions about his emotional state.

Miller originally brought up his brother, Chilly, a snowboarder who had hoped to compete at the Olympics himself until his untimely passing from a seizure in April, but Copper took this opportunity to continually probe the athlete.

Miller was visibly upset after his brother was first mentioned by Cooper. But she remained unperturbed and then asked him three penetrating questions that only made him more sensitive. One of them was about his emotions, the other was specifically about Chilly, and the last was what Miller was thinking about when he was "looking up at the sky at the start."

Unfortunately, Miller was unable to answer any of these queries because of his fragile emotional state, and he had to stop the interview.

Miller took to his Twitter account soon after his success to admit:

Meanwhile, Miller also leapt to the defense of Cooper:However, that didn't stop various other users from registering their disgust at Cooper's antics:As the Inquisitr reported earlier today, Miller's success made him the oldest Alpine medalist in Olympic history, and his sixth medal win of his career means that he's the second-most decorated ski racer too.