Anthony Weiner Doll is Anatomically Correct…

Because of course the Rep. Anthony Weiner doll is anatomically correct.

It’s a sad commentary on American political discourse that one of our most compelling and unafraid representatives in the House is known better for his physical endowments than his fiery words on the House floor about issues like insurance for September 11th first responders and funding cuts to public broadcasting. But the scandal known as Weinergate has been immortalized in doll form, and the doll is an accurate representation of Weiner’s sexy Twitter pics, if you catch my drift.

Amusingly, two versions of the doll– both offered by HeroBuilders- are priced differently, depending on the version you select. A weiner-less Weiner is priced at about $40, but if you want your doll with a dick, that’ll run you an extra ten bucks. Doll wangs are apparently expensive. The company sold 250 units (no pun) on the first day- and no one opted for the neutered Weiner.

So Anthony, if you’re listening- we like you and your sunshine-friendly dangle. Please don’t resign!