Devil’s Third Coming “2013”, Wii U Release Possible

Tomonobu Itagaki’s first game under the Valhalla Game Studios banner, Devil’s Third, was originally thought to be due out sometime in 2012. Well, it looks like you’ll be waiting quite a bit longer to see what Itagaki can do outside of Team Ninja.

According to an interview with Impress Watch (translated by Andriasang), Itagaki revealed that Devil’s Third may not release until early 2013. He went on to say that while the game’s mechanics were “100% complete”, but in terms of being a complete product, Devil’s Third is only 20-30% complete.

Devil’s Third‘s multiplayer mode is already playable, according to Itagaki, and the development staff is hard at working at increasing the player count up to 32 and polishing up various areas, including accuracy. 32 player multiplayer is not a guarantee at this point, but Itagaki states that if the team is able to pull it off, they will have done a “good job.”

Itagaki also revealed that he’s considering releasing Devil’s Third on the Wii U, but he has completely ruled out Kinect at this point. He went on to explain that Kinect and similar devices are more for the casual audience which, obviously, doesn’t quite fit the target audience for Devil’s Third.

I really enjoyed both Ninja Gaiden, Ninja Gaiden 2 and, to some extent, the Dead or Alive series, so consider me interested to see what Itagaki can pull off with Devil’s Third.

Source: Impress Watch via Andriasang