Harry Styles and Taylor Swift: Together Again?

Are Taylor Swift and Harry Styles back together again? Recent tweets from fans and friends show potential love in the air for One Direction singer Styles and pop-country star Swift, although they broke up several months ago after a short relationship.

In the recent past, Styles has been linked to Kardashian empire teen Kendall Jenner, and reportedly, they are still together. If the rumors of Styles being backstage at Swift’s concert are true, who knows what the future holds for these two young pop crooners? After all, rumors in recent weeks have suggested that Styles and Jenner are no longer together, following gossip that Styles had cheated on the young reality show star. Whether or not those rumors say he cheated on Jenner with Swift are not for us to speculate on, however.

It is safe to say that whether or not Styles was in attendance backstage at Swift’s most recent show, the two were and are still adorable together. And speaking of adorable, how about Swift’s new haircut? Her long, luscious locks are gone, and she is now sporting a cute, wavy bob that brings out her pretty blue eyes, charming bone structure and wide smile. Her recent cut has been making waves, but some tweeted pictures indicating that her day at the spa–including the haircut, manicure and other beauty treatments–had more than just her entourage in tow.

Styles was suspected to be present among those in her crew as she enjoyed a day at the salon, as tweets showed pictures of the mop-topped One Direction star, or at least what looked like him, in attendance as she got her hair done. Of course, the pictures aren’t perfect, so it’s hard to say whether he was there or whether it was just a friend of heartthrob and Swift BFF Ed Sheeran, who was there with her too. Who knows? If the rumors are true, maybe Swift and Styles are giving love another chance.

Of course, we all know how rumors spread. There may not be an inkling of truth to any of this. After all, backstage at concerts is often pandemonium, and whoever tweeted that they saw Styles backstage at Swift’s concert may have had him confused with another One Direction member, or someone else entirely. For all we know, the Styles lookalike might have been just another fan. Or it could be him. No one really knows!