Princes William & Harry Help Flood-Hit Village, Haul Sandbangs

The Duke Of Cambridge, Prince William, and his brother, Prince Harry, have been spotted alongside fellow soldiers helping the flood effort in devastated areas of England.

It’s believed that the duo have been working in Datchet, Berkshire, since 06:00 on Friday morning. They were seen placing hefty sandbags in front of houses.

The “private” mission wasn’t publicised, however reporters soon got wind of their diligence and they have hounded them ever since. When he was asked by ITV News whether he was enjoying helping out those in need, Harry replied, “Not really with you guys around.”

Meanwhile, when Prince William noticed several journalists that were simply taking pictures and writing down notes about him loading sandbags into the water, rather than assisting the effort, he told them “come and help instead of throwing cameras around.”

The Princes started their day by working on stopping the rising water at Datchet Golf Club, before they then joined up with Network Rail workers and placed sandbags around St Mary’s Primary School.

Network Rail’s Ian Richardson, who worked alongside the duo, told the Telegraph, “They were working harder than the squadies. William said to me that a couple of residents had approached him and they were upset that more hadn’t been done to help them.”

While Rollinson Davids, an operative for Network Rail, noted, “They were helping with the sandbags and blocking the water. They worked really hard. We spoke to them, they said they were concerned that people were suffering in the floods. They said they wanted to help get thinks back to normal for people as soon as possible. They were concerned about people suffering, they just wanted to help. They were very down to earth. Just like you and me.”

Kensington Palace’s spokesman has since released a statement that explained, “They wanted to show their support for the flood victims and have joined the armed forces relief effort.”

The Queen has also joined her grandsons in helping out those who have been hit by the torrential rain and blustery winds. She has provided Somerset farmers with bedding and food which came courtesy of her royal farms at Windsor.

Severe flood warnings remain in place across most of the southern regions of the country. Parts of the River Thames are currently at their highest for 60 years, and they are expected to rise even further over the weekend. Over 1,000 homes have been flooded over the last two weeks.