Kate Middleton, Prince William ‘Dull,’ According to Historian

What’s the big deal about Kate Middleton and Prince William? The question was asked a well known British historian who finds the royal couple that is constantly in the headlines “dull.”

BBC historian Christopher Lee is not impressed with everybody’s favorite couple and predicts that Kate Middleton 32, and her husband, Prince William, 31, will turn out to be “nice people but rather dull and inoffensive.” Ouch.

Lee — who wrote the British history program This Sceptred Isle for Radio 4 — said the future monarchs lack the “gravitas” to be the fairy-tale prince and princess we want them to be.

“They love bending down and talking to kids and doing ordinary things,” he said. “They are ordinary, but they are celebrities rather than old-fashioned, ‘don’t ask questions, don’t touch me’ royalty.”

But maybe Lee is misguided, or doesn’t “get” why people are in love with Kate Middleton and everything she does or says or wears, because we are. All those things he criticized the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge for is precisely why they are so admired.

The couple is seen as an anomaly among royals and more like “everyday” folks — regular people. Lee seems to be under the impression that they are not royal enough.

According to Lee, Kate Middleton and William pale in comparison with another notable British power couple, David and Victoria Beckham — who happen to be friends with the Duke and Duchess, and even attended their wedding.

“I don’t think they rate with the Beckhams,” said Lee, “but I put them in that slot.”

david and victoria beckham

The writer also categorizes the royals as mere “celebrities” and thinks Prince Charles — Williams’ father — is much more interesting than his son and daughter-in-law.

“He will be a much, much better King than any of us believe,” he said. “Forget about courtiers squeezing his toothpaste for him, this is a very intelligent man who questions the world around him.”

And nobody doubts that, but from the public’s perspective many could argue Lee is completely wrong in his assessment.

If Kate Middleton is “dull” then how can he explain why anything she wears or uses is a sell-out? From formal and casual dresses to the brand of stroller and “nappies” (diapers in British slang) she chooses for her baby, Prince George, whatever the Duchess wears becomes an instant hit and brings down websites.

Lee also created a stir when he said in his book Monarchy, Past, Present…And Future? that he did not believe Kate Middleton’s son, Prince George, would ever become King of England.