Bethesda Confirms Personal Data Stolen In Hack

Bethesda has joined the ever-growing ranks of gaming companies to be hacked.

According to a post over on the Bethesda Blog, hackers attempted to gain access to Bethesda’s websites over the weekend. No financial data was taken in the hacks, but Bethesda believes the hackers may have obtained usernames, email addresses and passwords. Bethesda advises that users immediately change their passwords on all Bethesda websites, including the Brink stats site.

This latest hack follows a series of gaming-related hacks. Just a few days ago, Epic Games informed their users that their website had been hacked and that personal information such as email addresses and passwords were accessed. A few days before that, Codemasters confirmed their website had been hacked, with the hackers having access to customers’ names, addresses, gamertags, emails and passwords.