George Clooney Remembers Shirley Temple

George Clooney was among the big names remembering America’s little darling, Shirley Temple, on the day of her passing. One of America’s first child stars grew up to be a US Ambassador, working with peacekeeping groups and continuing to charm everyone she met.

Bob Balaban, who’s co-starring with Clooney in the recently-released movie “The Monuments Men,” commented on her continuously squeaky-clean image, remarking that she could have “grown up into a monster.” Instead, she avoided scandals, retired from acting at 21, and went into politics, where she did the impossible and continued to avoid scandals. The ambassador to Czechoslovakia enjoyed a passion for gardening and vegetarian dining, and was remembered by many as a humble yet inspiring person.

Margaret O’Brien, a fellow child star during Temple’s era, commented that she and Temple remained great friends even after Temple retired from show business, and even though they lost touch occasionally, they always sent Christmas cards to each other. Clooney, “The Monuments Men” co-star, mentioned her remarkable career and lifestyle after watching dozens of clips from her famous movies. “She has a great legacy, and she lived a wonderful life, so it’s sad that she’s gone but she sure has a great legacy for it,” he was quoted as saying.

Clooney’s legacy may be nearly as long as Temple’s considering how many movies and TV shows he’s been in, so such a ringing endorsement from him means quite a bit. Indeed, Miss Temple’s legacy both on- and off-screen will keep her in our hearts and minds for decades, and her effect on Americans and people all around the world, both as an actress and an ambassador, will be long remembered. Clooney will not be the only one missing her and remembering her fondly.

Temple, now known as Shirley Temple Black, died in her home near San Francisco of unknown causes on Monday, February 10. She was 85, so we can speculate on the cause of death, but it doesn’t really matter. She has touched the hearts of so many, fans and fellow celebrities alike, that the biggest names are coming forward to share their tales of her happy demeanor and humanitarian lifestyle. Well-known people like Clooney, Nancy Reagan and Kevin Costner have shared their stories of how she’s touched their lives, and the Chinese Theatre will dim its lights in its forecourt for only the fifth time in history in remembrance.