Mom Allegedly Left Kids In Freezing Car While She Was At Mall Makeup Counter

A Maryland woman allegedly left her two young daughters alone in a freezing car for nearly two hours while she was getting her makeup done in a shopping mall.

A passerby at the St. Charles Town Center parking lot heard the two little girls, ages, 3 and 6, crying inside a cold Cadillac Escalade with heavily tinted windows and notified authorities.

The two girls were wearing heavy coats, but the outside temperature at the Waldorf, Md., shopping mall near Washington D.C. was 16 degrees at the time according to Charles County Sheriff's deputies. Understandably, they told officers that they were cold.

The girls' mother apparently spoke with responding deputies at the car after being paged inside the mall department store. Her explanation for what happened reportedly had some inconsistencies. "Authorities say that the 28-year-old mother told officers she had been inside for 10 minutes looking for her wallet but officers noticed inconsistencies in her story and continued to investigate. They later found out she had been in the store for more than 90 minutes, sitting at a makeup counter to get her makeup done. Officers also found her wallet inside her purse."

The woman was arrested and charged with child neglect, and the kids are currently staying with relatives.

Elsewhere in the state, as The Inquisitir previously reported, a Baltimore woman allegedly left her four-year-old daughter locked in an SUV for about eight hours while she was gambling on New Year's Eve at the Maryland Live! Casino, according to police. She was charge with second degree child abuse and other alleged offenses. According to an Anne Arundel County police official, the child was in the car all day, and it was undetermined if her mother left the casino and checked on her at any point.