OMG! Rohan Marley Says Lauryn Hill’s Baby Isn’t His

…but the tweets saying such have disappeared from his timeline.

Rohan Marley is said to have tweeted back and forth with a reporter earlier, claiming that the child Lauryn Hill is expecting is not his. The Houston Chronicle and reported on the statements, which are now not showing on Marley’s Twitter feed.

According to the former, Marley engaged in conversation with the reporter about the pregnancy and denied it Maury-style saying:

“2 things, I’m not married and I don’t have anyone expecting anything.”

…a Clutch Magazine writer by the name of @BritniDWrites engaged him in further conversation. She tweeted to him, “so we are clear: 1) you’re not married to your ex-wife or Lauryn, and 2) she isn’t preggo w/your child, but someone else’s?”

His response was a vague, “That is correct until I say out of my mouth to the contrary.”

The writer replied, “Ok. I’ll take it. But you do realize that the ‘until I say something contrary’ addendum cast doubt on your statement.”

No further statements have come from Marley about the issue. Hill has yet to acknowledge the allegation.