Palin Fans Desperately Trying to Edit History to Support Palin's Paul Revere Mistake

Kim LaCapria

We've known for a while the reality has a strong liberal bias, but fans of Sarah Palin have now resorted to attempting to re-frame history to support another one of Palin's inadvertent historical revisions, borne of pure ignorance.

Revere's role in the American Revolution is stuff of legend, even if he never likely warned fellow colonists (who at the time themselves were British) with the specific wording that the "British were coming." But Palin even flubbed the pop-culture version, telling reporters Revere "warned the British." Instead of admitting her mistake, Palin attempted to explain away her error as asserting that Revere went on his Midnight Ride to warn British troops that colonists were set on protecting their Second Amendment rights- a right that didn't actually even exist for another decade and a half.

But no matter! Sarah Palin will not be wrong. Did Palin fans kindly explain that it was a mistake anyone could have made or that many Americans were a bit shaky on history about the Revolutionary War? No, they did not. They went and edited the hell out of Wikipedia to make commonly trafficked sources of historical fact reflect Palin's weak attempt to explain away her ignorance on the subject.

At what point, when you are sitting there editing our country's proud tale of resistance against the monarchy and struggle for autonomy, does the intellectual dishonesty overwhelm you? Never? I'm going to go with never. Sorely disappointed in you, small portion of America. This is our history and it was completely fine without Palin's spin. Honestly- you get caught doing this, you should have your citizenship revoked.